Confident & very knowledgable

It was very easy to connect & to understand. Steve’s teaching style worked very well for me & he very confidently answered all my questions!

Goal – Better understanding of AutoCAD for school & job
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Continues to use AutoCAD with more complicated work


Patient & look forward to more

Steve was very knowledgeable & detailed throughout the lesson. He was patient & I look forward to continuing lessons so that I can become proficient with this software.

Goal – Understand Photoshop more for new image editing tasks at job
Services – Photoshop
Result – Successfully handling & exceeding at new tasks


Great teacher & easy to understand

Steve was very helpful & I am looking forward to the next lesson! He made sure to answer all of my questions in a way I could understand.

Goal – Better grasp of AutoCAD for new job
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Able to take on more difficult drawing tasks


Excellent teacher!

Steve did a great job, was thorough & patient. He knows the program well & is equally adept at explaining the concepts behind what he’s doing. That’s a difficult thing for a teacher & Steve did an excellent job. Highly recommend!

Goal – Touch up photos for architectural photography business
Services – Photoshop
Result – Photos are now color correct & edited before going to client


A Huge Help

I have been working with SMART on Revit for the past month. I always look forward to my sessions & having a great lessons. Steve’s team members are always very patient, even when I get frustrated & struggle at times. I’m used to AutoCAD & transiting to Revit has been difficult, but Steve & his team have been a great support system & are willing to help in whatever situation I’m in. In our sessions, we get an incredible amount done in two hours since we are able to work together & stay on track. This is something that is very important for me, given how I like to be organized & learn by doing, step by step. SMART has been a great support & always recaps our sessions in an email after our meetings are done. Steve has been a huge help by supporting & helping through the challenges of remote learning all of us are facing. Even though I thought it was going to be easy, it hasn’t been & it’s nice to have a group of people that support me & are always willing to help!

Goal – Learn Revit for a class
Services – Revit
Result – Will use Revit for rest of academic & professional career.



Just what I was looking for

Goal – Produce own drawings instead of subbing them out
Services – AutoCAD
Result – All AutoCAD work kept in house now


Highly recommended

Steve is an excellent instructor. He is patient & flexible as to what you want to learn. I’ll be back for more as I advance through the application. I highly recommend him.

Goal – Better understand Illustrator for a school project
Services – Illustrator
Result – Able to design diagrams & graphics for entry level class


Very impressive!

Steve is a great teacher, a real natural at it. I had a few major things I needed to learn & he was great at showing me how to do it all. Plus, the concepts behind all the decisions I had to make were incredibly real world based. I was very impressed!

Goal – Improve Photoshop skills for photography business
Services – Photoshop
Result – Edit photos to attract a wider range of clientele


Great tutor!

I met with Steve to review Revit. He was very knowledgeable & kind. He spoke at a pace that was easy to understand & follow. He was very patient when I asked questions & we covered all of the topics that I was interested in. I highly recommend Steve as a tutor.

Goal – Grasp Revit for school
Services – Revit
Result – Uses skills learned for future classes & studio

Dream Come True

Steve has been the ideal tutor for our son & a dream come true. He is incredibly knowledgeable about architecture & really adept at teaching. He knows just how to build our son’s confidence while giving feedback that is realistic & objective. He has consistently come to appointments on time & generously made himself available to our son through text message exchanges. We feel so grateful to have found Steve.

Goal – Learn AutoCAD for figure design
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Able to draw figures from scratch & fully finish designs


Great tutor – very helpful, knowledgeable & patient

Steve is very helpful, knowledgeable & patient. I am a sole practitioner struggling to get up to speed on AutoCAD architectural drafting conventions & methods. Steve is able to answer all my questions & patiently illustrate how to perform the tasks, step by step. He understands my questions & his answers often go beyond which brings new, even more helpful information. He is very responsive & available. I highly recommend his training services.

Goal – Master AutoCAD for instructor role & professional work
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Teaches multiple classes that involved AutoCAD & draws own plans


Knowledgeable & sincere

Steve is very knowledgeable & gave sincere & helpful advice on Portfolio Preparation. He also showed me lots of resources for latest graphic & web design trends.

Goal – Gain InDesign knowledge for professional portfolio
Services – Portfolio Design, InDesign
Result – Received multiple job offers



Very knowledgeable, patient, prepared & on time. He is extremely competent & his deep understanding of these complex software tools gives him the ability to really clearly explain how to navigate & use them. STRONG endorsement!

Goal – Gain Photoshop for photography business
Services – Photoshop
Result – Photos are even more polished & finished looking


Worth every penny

Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about AutoCAD .He’s patient, helpful, prompt & professional. My son is now able to finish his major project in civil engineering! Thank you so much & worth every penny!

Goal – Learn AutoCAD for school project
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Used AutoCAD throughout academic career & continues to professionally


Knowledgeable & very patient tutor!

Jennifer – AutoCAD for a job
Steve is very accomplished in AutoCAD. He explained the tools, in a very clear & logical fashion. I feel a lot more comfortable & confident even from even 1 session to begin learning more in AutoCAD. I am very pleased with his training & look forward to more sessions.

Goal – Pick up AutoCAD skills for a first year class
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Successfully aced first class & continues to use in her education


Very informative instructor

Steve is great at teaching Revit. He is very patient & knows the program inside & out. I’ve never used the software before, but after just one lesson with Steve, I was able to confidently navigate my way through the program & create basic floor plans.

Goal – Learn Revit for junior level position
Services – Revit
Result – Seemlessly completing Revit tasks as part of an architecture firm



Steve is very patient & very exact in his directions during the lesson. I felt very comfortable asking questions & felt the lessons were very informative. I will continue to take lessons from Steve.

Goal – Master AutoCAD for pool design business
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Successfully can produce Construction Documents  for business


Knowledgeable & insightful tutor

Steve worked well with me, despite my elementary knowledge ofRevit. With his screen sharing capabilities, he could show me how to be more productive as opposed to just telling me where to click. He was very patient & I appreciate that because my TAs & teachers at school were not so patient.

Goal – Grasp Revit for a structural class
Services – Revit
Result – Taken skills & applied them to rest of his education as a structural engineer


Great tutor!

It was very convenient to be able to just stay at home & be able to have him hop on your computer & interact with you. Also, he is so knowledgeable aboutAutoCAD that he can teach you at every level. He is patient & insightful. Last but not least, he helped me pass my finals.

Goal – AutoCAD training to pass final class
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Passed final class with ease & uses in professional role now


Clear & direct help!!

Steve was really very helpful in advising & reviewing my Interior Design Portfolio . I had a very rough draft of what I thought could be a portfolio & Steve was able to give me clear directions on what to do next & how to professionally present it. He was also very helpful with InDesign & knew his way around the program. Will definitely work with him again!

Goal – Build an interior design portfolio for job interviews
Services – Portfolio Design & InDesign
Result – Accepted a job offer at a well-known Boston architecture & interior design firm


First lesson: great fit

Great! Clear, concise, good listener & patient. I was encouraged to interject questions & observations. Looking forward to the next lesson while I “practice” AutoCAD tools & gather needs & challenges. Thanks, Steve.

Goal – Learn AutoCAD for first year class
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Take knowledge of AutoCAD lessons with him throughout academic career


Kind & communicates well!

Basic intro to AutoCAD! Steve is friendly & a true expert of the subject. He is very patient & listened to my questions, fully answering them. He guided me without overwhelming instruction.

Goal – Learn AutoCAD for first architecture firm job
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Able to quickly & efficiently pick up redlines from Principal


Easy to work with

I am new to AutoCAD. Steve taught me the AutoCAD commands in simple vocabulary…..he is well versed in the program. He answered all of my questions in detail. He patiently guided me through several command exercises. I will definitely use him again.

Goal – Become proficient in AutoCAD for a new job
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Successfully meeting & exceeding entry level architecture firm requirements


Excellent instructor

Steve was extremely knowledgeable about Rhino. He is an excellent instructor & walks you through the process step-by-step. Would highly recommend.

Goal – Basic Rhino understanding for his first year class
Services – Rhino 3D
Result – Completion of class with a very detailed model



I am taking a class this semester that requires AutoCAD. I have been struggling with the program until today when I had a lesson with Steve & he was a major help! Not only did he teach my how to draw a floor plan on AutoCAD, he explained steps of how to get from A to B (such as creating a door or window), show me how to do it & then I would create what he just taught me. This was a huge help & I am looking forward to many future sessions!

Goal – AutoCAD beginner skills for first year class
Services – AutoCAD
Result – High marks & praise for final detailed drawings


Just when I was ready to give up…I found this great tutor & so thankful for it!!

Steve taught me shortcuts which helped me with navigation of commands & was much better than the direction of my college workbook. I have an impatient instructor in class & so thankful that I found Steve to help me get through my homework with such ease. He makes it so much easier to learn something that at first, can seem so overwhelming & almost impossible. He made sure I was grasping each lesson as we went along. Not everyone can be a good teacher, but he by far surpasses it with such grace & professionalism! He quickly makes you feel comfortable as he relates to your specific obstacles & helps you to gain the much-needed self-confidence! Thank you, Steve!

Goal – Learn AutoCAD for a new job
Services – AutoCAD
Result – Able to put together drawing sets from SD through CDs


Awesome tutor!

Just startedInDesign &Photoshop lessons with Steve & it is going great! Not only is Steve very knowledgeable but he is also a great teacher. He is able to break things down in a way that is easy to understand & makes a point to ask about your goals so he can come up with the best plan to achieve them.

Goal – Graphic skills for small business
Services – InDesign & Photoshop
Result – Base knowledge to start designing graphics & layouts for her business


Outstanding tutor, knowledgeable & focused on just what was needed to learn

My son wanted to learn AutoCAD & Steve helped him identify what he would use it for. He also clearly explained the differences between two useful programs, AutoCAD & Rhino. His explanation immediately made sense to my son & Steve clearly knows & has worked closely with the programs & their uses. Steve then carefully & patiently in a very encouraging manner guided my son through the beginning steps of these programs. They focused & worked together for over an hour & a half. As any great teacher does, he encouraged my son to go ahead & try these programs on his own, learning-by-doing & trial-&-error so to speak, to ensure practice before their next lesson together. My son learned a lot & is excited about going forward in his learning. I am impressed with how Steve connected with my son’s interests & then supported him in these very hard beginner stages. Thank you Steve!

Goal – Wanted to learn AutoCAD & transitioned to Rhino
Services – Rhino
Result – Able to design complex, 3D Rhino models


Great first session

I will definitely use Steve as a tutor again for Revit. He’s very knowledgeable & his explanations are easy to understand, especially after I’ve spent half a semester struggling with the software. I learned more in our hour session than I have all semester in class!

Goal – Gain multiple program knowledge in preparation of school thesis project
Services – Revit, InDesign, Photoshop
Result – Graduated & successfully completed thesis project


Easy to follow with read world advice

Steve precisely & very clearly walked me through the basic fundamentals of Revit& AutoCAD for the new field of study I was diving into. His step by step instructions were very easy to follow & the amount of help & patience he had was always helpful & made it a safe feeling environment for learning. His amount of knowledge really helped get me into my field

Goal – Pick up Revit & AutoCAD for a new career change & job
Services – Revit & AutoCAD
Result – Uses both programs daily in her new role


Amazing tutor! Highly skilled & reliable!

My daughter was trying to assemble a professional looking portfolio for her undergraduate architecture school applications. Steve was able to help her with all aspects of the process, from selection & critique of artwork to layout using Adobe InDesign. He even was able to advise her on printing & binding options. He is an outstanding resource & is knowledgeable, dependable & highly skilled. He is extremely patient & has a great way with kids. I’m so thankful that my daughter was able to work with him. I would highly recommend Steve.

Goal – Develop an architectural portfolio for college applications
Services – Portfolio Design, Resume Builder, InDesign & Photoshop
Result – Accepted at Notre Dame

Chris & Jillian