Outstanding tutor, knowledgeable & focused on just what was needed to learn

My son wanted to learn AutoCAD & Steve helped him identify what he would use it for. He also clearly explained the differences between two useful programs, AutoCAD & Rhino. His explanation immediately made sense to my son & Steve clearly knows & has worked closely with the programs & their uses. Steve then carefully & patiently in a very encouraging manner guided my son through the beginning steps of these programs. They focused & worked together for over an hour & a half. As any great teacher does, he encouraged my son to go ahead & try these programs on his own, learning-by-doing & trial-&-error so to speak, to ensure practice before their next lesson together. My son learned a lot & is excited about going forward in his learning. I am impressed with how Steve connected with my son’s interests & then supported him in these very hard beginner stages. Thank you Steve!

Goal – Wanted to learn AutoCAD & transitioned to Rhino
Services – Rhino
Result – Able to design complex, 3D Rhino models