Learn Revit for a class

A Huge Help

I have been working with SMART on Revit for the past month. I always look forward to my sessions & having a great lessons. Steve’s team members are always very patient, even when I get frustrated & struggle at times. I’m used to AutoCAD & transiting to Revit has been difficult, but Steve & his team have been a great support system & are willing to help in whatever situation I’m in. In our sessions, we get an incredible amount done in two hours since we are able to work together & stay on track. This is something that is very important for me, given how I like to be organized & learn by doing, step by step. SMART has been a great support & always recaps our sessions in an email after our meetings are done. Steve has been a huge help by supporting & helping through the challenges of remote learning all of us are facing. Even though I thought it was going to be easy, it hasn’t been & it’s nice to have a group of people that support me & are always willing to help!

Goal – Learn Revit for a class
Services – Revit
Result – Will use Revit for rest of academic & professional career.