SMART is a team of architectural service & software experts organized by founder Steve Smith.

We free you up to do the work you want to, not the work you have to.
We cater our Services & Lessons to a plan that fits you, not the other way around.


Steve Smith

A father, husband, Massachusetts registered architect & alumnus of the Boston Architectural College, Steve’s vision of SMART has developed from tutoring a handful of local college students starting in 2014 to now offering over 40 Services to architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors & those in need of broadening their software horizons & design services.

Our team members come from a diverse background including architecture, engineering,
graphic design, marketing & interior design to name a few.

Our diversity & wide range of services ensure that you only deal with
real-life experienced SPECIALISTS, not generalists who dabble in solely academic theory.

Where And WHEN

Everywhere & anytime. We assemble talent from across the globe,
making us experts at REMOTE work.

We’re always on due to our global geographic footprint, so you can go to bed & wake up to freshly completed work in your inbox.
We compress project timelines & work around the clock.

Why And HOW

We eliminate overhead & non-essential staff that inflates your expenses due to our unique & informal working environments.

We’re FLEXIBLE in scale, whether we’re complementing your existing team as a trusted long term resource or coming on for a special one-time use.

We leverage the power of 24/7 interconnectedness with the internet, online communication & cloud storage instead of being stuck in a 9 to 5 office routine.

We become integral parts OF the process instead of simply working for it. We’re constantly in contact with you to ensure the work exceeds your expectations, meets deadlines & comes in on budget.